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The Stable Diffusion WebUi is currently iterating very quickly and there are a lot of updates every day, so it is recommended to pull the latest code every day.


Animate Anyone: Consistent and Controllable Image-to-Video Synthesis for Character Animation


LCM-LoRA generates high quality images with minimal inference steps and fast image generation.


Intro Video


Novel AI V3 model released, outperforms V2 and any other model in all aspects. Human body is accurately captured. Training data not disclosed, suspected to use copyrighted data/paint sets, twitter watermark clearly visible.


LoRA for convolution network

Using ControlNet right in Blender.


ControlNet is a neural network structure to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions.


StableDiffusionWebUI accelerated using TensorRT


Ai 学习 GPU 性能分析图



WebUi:Newly created embeddings considered malicious


DreamArtist DA updated dynamic cfg to automatically adjust cfg based on time step, supports nonlinearity. Dynamic cfg can speed up convergence, possibly improve learning quality, and is better for large multi-graph datasets.


DreamArtist DA updated local learning enhancement, can emphasize more on learning a certain part of features now. The augmented graph is a grayscale graph with image values ranging from 0-255.0-127 means reduced attention from 1-0.01 equal points, 127-255 means enhanced attention from 1-5 equal points.


Stable Diffusion 2.0 Release

DiffusionDet: Diffusion Model for Object Detection


How to train Stable Diffusion (SD) "efficiently" and how to use SCAL-SDT itself (WIP). SCAL-SDT


WebUi Gradient accumulation, autocast fix, new latent sampling method, etc


The idea behind this embedding was to somehow train the negative prompt as an embedding, thus unifying the basis of the negative prompt into one word or embedding.


The new nijijourney starts internal testing.

The official channel is divided into four sub-sections: Japanese, Chinese, 한글, and English.

niji journey is developed in collaboration by Spellbrush and Midjourney

After preliminary testing, nijijourney has a good composition ability, but the effect is still waiting to be seen.


Reverse thinking


Anything-V3.0.ckpt is a hybrid model fused from the ChineseMagicBook group of friends.

There is also a so-called hand repair model, a regenerated DreamBooth model trained from the work of a famous painter.


Telegram Chinese community on NAI Leak's Colab notebook received a DMCA.

Once again: Aidraw Wiki does not distribute Cpkt files




  • Pull#4563 Add username and password in ngrok
Allows specifying the user of ngrok by username and password using the : --ngrok authtoken:username:password
and keep old args for not using username and password only use authtoken : --ngrok authtoken


  • Add support for SSL/TLS (provide Gradio TLS options)


  • 许可问题


  • Colossal-AI: A Unified Deep Learning System for Big Model Era


  • Dreambooth Extension for Stable-Diffusion-WebUI

  • ads_are_starting_to_appear_in_our_foss/


  • A fast dedicated high-order solver

faster and better?

DPM-Solver (and the improved version DPM-Solver++) is a fast dedicated high-order solver for diffusion ODEs with the convergence order guarantee.

Add support for the new DPM-Solver++ samplers added to k-diffusion



Test From Here

used locally trained hypernetwork in generation


Test From Here

DPM-Solver++ can achieve great sample quality in only 15 to 20 steps.

If you're talking about samplers themselves, yes especially the 2M and 2M Karras. Very detailed at all steps starting from 15 and fastest in it/s.


  • New Model

eDiffi: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models with Ensemble of Expert Denoisers

  • From one of the original DreamBooth authors : Stop using SKS as the initializer word

  • AI art is popular


WebUi released tokenizer plugin to see the splitting of words.


  • Found a great and useful tool.

painting welding

  • 2

After testing, I found that emoji works really well. There are always surprises for scene effects.

masterpiece,best quality,1girl,
,light blue hair,solo,(anime coloring:1.1),
(🌻☀️🌈:1.2),hug Sunflower,

lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, bad feet


Adding custom backend APIs for Krita plugins and more

In this PR, WebUi fixes an issue with IMG2IMG not releasing RAM after processing


disable access to extension stuff for non-local servers

Community feedback: Shared links can lead to risks and attackers can access all files on the system.


In this commit, WebUi has added allow skip current image in progress api , which skips the Api method for the current process.

In this merge, WebUi has added a native progress Api


Discussion It has been suggested that by disabling hardware accelerated GPU scheduling on Windows settings, WebUi performance has improved by about 10-50%


API content added to wiki





WebUi 在 这次提交 中将 override_settings 添加到 API

这次提交 后,img2img 使用了手机照片的 EXIF 方向。

WebUi 在 这次提交 中添加了权重初始化和更多激活函数。

WebUi 在 这次提交 中允许了在 --medvram 下创建 embedding 的情况。

Hint:will send cond model to GPU if lowvram/medvram is active


集成 Tag 工具/支持超网络的 Web 开源项目说他们缺人。

此次提交 中,从 --use-cpu 中删除了 BSRGAN ,将 SwinIR 添加到 --use-cpu 并修复 MPS 上的 upscalers

你可以在 这里 找到 BSRGAN ,下载的模型放到 esrgan 文件夹就可以使用。

#3505 之后超网络训练不稳定 ,问题


Colab 称昨天的封号是 错误的滥用判定

WebUi 移除了图像浏览器 ,转换为 插件

10/23 更新

这次提交 中,WebUi 增加了日本语翻译。

这次提交 中,WebUi 增加了设置锁定启动参数。

parser.add_argument("--freeze-settings", action='store_true', help="disable editing settings", default=False)

有网友称,最近发布的的 Stable Diffusion 1.5 偏向 三次元 一些。

WebUi 增加了俄语翻译,添加了 img2img API。

这次请求 中,WebUi 更新了 ESRGAN 架构和模型以支持所有 ESRGAN 模型。

Colab 开始反滥用,协议 禁止穿透。但是有人指出 Colab 并没有计划封禁 SD,确认误封。

Colab 的 协议 不允许利用多个帐号绕过访问权限或资源使用情况限制。

有人反映 某度好像会封锁 NAI 的模型。

10/22 更新

这次提交 中,仓库移除了美学权重。

这项功能已经被转为 插件

10/21 更新

Implementation of Stable Diffusion with Aesthetic Gradients 美学权重

10/20 更新


SD v1.5

10/19 更新


10/14 更新

Rce 漏洞曝光,但是新版本中得到修复,请为实例设置密码。

10/13 更新

automatic1111 的 repo 从 r/stablediffusion 的固定指南中删除

10/12 更新

StabilityAI 从现在开始只发布 SFW 模型,from Here

10/11 更新

新版本 Webui 增加了 Eta noise seed delta ,设为 31337 后会贴近 NAI 官方

现在可以训练 Hypernetworks

10/10 更新

测试发现,新版本 WebUi 优化显存占用 (20xx—>10xx),关闭浏览器和 TG 的硬件加速后,即使是 4GB 的 RTX2050 也可以启动 --medvram 模式!而且很快。

Q & A


NovelAI 是一个使用 AI 生成故事文本和通过描述文字生成图片的服务,而 Stable Diffusion 是由 Stability AI 发布的透过文字等生成图片的模型。

开发者 AUTOMATIC 是 Stable-Diffusion-Webui 的主要开发者:此项目可以用于在使用 Stable Diffusion 等模型时调整参数,极大地方便了尤其是没有计算机背景或 AI/ML 背景的模型用户。

前几日 NovelAI 称其部分软件和源码泄露。在模型泄露后, AUTOMATIC 在 Webui 项目中添加了对 Hypernetwork 模型的支持,使得此项目可以和泄露模型共用。

此 Reddit 贴称, Stability AI 创始人 Emad Mostaque 谴责 AUTOMATIC 此行为,并称后者窃取了代码;

AUTOMATIC 则称自己没有窃取代码,并解释说他编写的代码是基于很久以前已经完成的研究和开发,并且是开源的。有问题的函数于 2021 年 12 月 21 日在 此处 发布,并称反倒是 NovelAI 使用了自己的代码 (。

Stable Diffusion 社群管理员后又要求 AUTOMATIC 移除项目中的 Hypernetwork 支持,称 NovelAI 核心开发者认为相关代码必然与泄露源码有联系;但被以代码原创且 Hypernetwork 并非泄露模型独创 的理由回绝。

而后, AUTOMATIC 被从 Stable Diffusion 的(Slack?)社群服务器中封禁。


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