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This page accounts for explanations of terms written for newcomers.


The repository currently contains a machine-translated version of the guide.

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This document mainly covers the following two projects.

Stable Diffusion WebUi Short for SDWebUi, the web UI is a Stable Diffusion browser interface based on the Gradio library. The project is currently not licensed relatedIssue diffusion-webui/issues/2059).

NovelAI, or NAI for short, is a monthly subscription service for AI-assisted creation, storytelling, virtual companionship, or just a GPT-driven sandbox for your imagination.

While Stable Diffusion was initially geared towards real-world images, NAI introduced the generation of anime illustrations, which attracted public attention


Workstation Portal

Start here

Some terms and news contents are introduced. Any new developments will be updated to the news page.

The requirements for getting started are listed and some basic programs are introduced.


Introduces the installation and operation of WebUi, as well as a guide to handling errors encountered while running.


Explains about GPU and NAI Leak.

It also explains how to configure the application, resolve errors in image generation, and introduces tips related to the use of the application itself.

Paint guide

Describes how to apply and practice the application, guides how to write parameters and how to get started using it.

Train Model

Introduces how to use and train a stylized model, as well as basic general knowledge and training methods.


This is a quick links page for quick reference, backing up all the useful links.

Access Availability

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Stable Diffusion and NAI relationship? What should I do?

NAI's model, trained using tens of millions of Danbooru images, has been leaked twice due to leaks. The Stable Diffusion WebUi generation framework (SDWebUi for short) is now widely used by the community to load NAI's models.

Incident Report

Leak Part 1 -- contains production models, programs -- 53.66 GB, with 7 GB and 4 GB of related models to download.

Leak Part 2 -- contains historical test code and models, program -- 124.54 GB, where the associated models to be downloaded are the same as in Part 1.

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